Complete DIY 6 Strategy Kit

DIY KIT - Strategies for the Emerging Entreprenuers | taught by Meichelle Gibson

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This is it. The complete 6 strategies all together in one DIY course. Here are the courses descriptions:

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: In this video you will discover specific tools you'll need to take your concept out of the idea stages and into practical! We cover how to write it out, understand your who this is for, what problem you are solving, what your unique offer is and more. Without completing this step you are potentially creating a whole lot of "crazy" and "frustrating" days in you building your business. We show you how to strategically get this this done right the first time.

BUSINESS 101: In this video we take the mystery out of what it takes to start a business in 24 hours! That's right once you know how to get your EIN you are officially in business. However, we realize it takes more than that to be successful. We teach you tools you'll need to consider and solidify in order to get off to a fast, solid, consistent start!

MARKETING & BRANDING: Marketing and Brandind, MARKETING and BRANDING! You need Marketing and Branding to be successful. You can have the best product or service around but if nobody knows about it, guess what, Nobody Knows about it!! We help you uncover many facets to creating a brand and having people look at your brand the way you do. Your brand really is what you say, its what other people say about you! Don't believe us check out the video series and we'll show you how that happens. We'll also teach you how to have a brand Identity, the cycle and the consistency. You must also know where, how and when to position your product or service with the right marketing tools. Take this course and you will be well on your way to setting your product/service up for success.

SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINANCE: You are probably aware that there are a plethora of social media platforms out in the cyber world today! You may find yourself on either end of the spectrum from "I need to jump in on ALL of the platforms to be notice" or on the other end "There are so many platforms that I don't know where to start!" We are here to show you how to calm the wild noises in your creative brain and help you to figure out which platforms are right for you!

FUNDING WITHOUT DEBT: No one every said you wouldn't have to invest in yourself and in your business in order to get started. However, we don't think you should drain your wallet, go broke or get into debt just to start you business. In this course we show you some very simple ways to plan, invest, and seek assistance from those around you to start your business. You probably already possess skills and resources that can very well be a great start to getting your business off the ground. If you have lack in other areas we will give you simple strategies to cross those divides, stay on track to launch in a reasonable time and start your business with your financial situation in tact.

THE EXCEPTIONAL LAUNCH EXPERIENCE: Many people think a launch party sounds so fun and it should be! It should not only be fun but intriguing to your participants. It should be filled will give-aways! That's right give aways! You should allow your participants to experience your product and service for free. However, we don't stop there we show you the three other equally important aspects of a launch experience which include, breaking even, making a profit and securing future business. We'll also share with you the power of a charity launch.

Meichelle Gibson
Meichelle Gibson
Business Strategist & Unstoppable Coach

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Concept Development
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Branding and Marketing
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Social Media Dominance
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Funding Without Debt
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The Exceptional Launch Experience
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